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Choose good clothes for baby sleep
2017-04-07 10:06:18
There isn’t really a technique to transition out of the sleepsuit like there is with a swaddle. Baby Merlin’s site says, basically, that once the baby is ready to transition they won’t notice once you take the suit away and it’ll be easy. We didn’t have that experience. My baby was trying so hard to roll in the suit that I was so worried she’d make it over and would get stuck on her belly.

I was fighting the urge to go cold turkey. One day, I was putting her down for a nap and she peed all over herself- and the suit. I had no choice but to throw the suit in the wash right then and there- and put her down for her nap without the sleepsuit. Much to my surprise, she fell asleep on her own and napped well without it. From that point on, she no longer slept with the sleepsuit just fine. In fact, within two days, she figured out how to roll onto her belly and prefers to sleep that way!

Overall, I was very happy with the sleepsuit for my daughter.  It helped her sleep comfortably and feel secure. Sure, it got a bit stressful getting her OUT of the suit, but it only lasted a few days. Would I use it with my next baby (if I have one, of course)? Absolutely.

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