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What to do if you can’t afford or find a babysitter baby stroller
2015-10-09 09:34:37
Take a stroll with the stroller
If you haven't already figured this one out, now's the time to start. It's a great way to connect with each other on a regular, even nightly, basis while getting a little exercise as well.

Make ordering in a special occasion
Put the baby to bed and take some time to dress up a bit for each other. Unless the two of you find preparing dinner together a pleasurable experience, just get out some candles, turn down the lights, pop open a bottle of your favorite wine, put on some mood music and wait for the delivery guy to get there.
Dream under the stars
Take the baby monitor and a blanket out to the backyard, lay down beside each other, and enjoy a starlit night in each other's arms.
Make it a movie
With movies going to DVD so quickly these days, it's likely you find something on pay-per-view that you've been wanting to see. Try to stay away from the violence, unless you both find horror flicks a turn-on. Choose something that you’ll both enjoy and that stimulates conversation and romance. You can always pause and rewind if you find yourselves getting distracted.
Try a drive-in
If your town is fortunate enough to still have one of these, this blast from the past can be a lot of fun. Just ask your parents and grandparents! Pop your own popcorn, bring a cooler full of drinks and snacks, and let the baby doze off in the back seat while you two enjoy the double feature.

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