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Use the baby car seat as early as possible
2015-10-10 09:40:47
The baby car seat is now the very important part in the car for babies’ safety, babies younger than 12 years old are not supposed to sit in a car without baby car seat. However, many parents find that their babies are not happy when you put him/her in the baby car seat, they do not adapt it.

Parents should try to use the baby car seat as early as possible, thus your babies will adapt this safety part naturally. When can we start to use the baby car seat?
Normally, the baby car seat can be used as soon as the baby is born, at this stage, it is infant car seat—group 0+, when is baby is older than 9 month, the baby car seat should be bigger. Or you can choose the multi-purpose models which include several groups such as 0+1, 0+1+2, and 1+2+3, which are suitable for toddler and child until 12 years old.
The earlier you use the baby car seat, the happier your baby sit in it.

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